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Ron Larsen
Ronald Larsen

I have owned, managed and maintained The Pelican’s Elbow since I moved to the Destin area from Chicago in 2005. I try to provide everything you need for your beach vacation. I live in the Destin area and am on call if any problems arise. I take pride in this property and work hard to make it an enjoyable, clean, well-maintained vacation location.

I also presently manage a small non-profit organization that promotes products in the automation industry. I’ve had 50 years experience as a technical writer and marketing communications manager in the computer and industrial automation industries.

I’ve had a checkered career that includes management, writing, promotion, video production, sales of computerized drafting equipment and instrumentation, sales of printing and language translation, instructorship at a community college and teaching and lecturing with a spiritual development organization. In my younger days I slung hash and worked on farms.

Now that I’m semi-retired, I also write short science fiction and fantasy stories, with a few actually published. You can find links to some of my stories here.